Rising Chicago Skate Brand Aloha is turning heads with its flawless quality and design.

The Aloha skate team has been hard at work crafting a clothing collection that will be remembered forever in the Chicago land area.


 Finally, the collection is here in the form of an assortment of lovely fresh garments that we can get our filthy hands on. The collection consists of 3 short sleeve tees, 2 long sleeve tees, 2 pants, 2 caps, a hoodie, a vest and a dope skateboard deck. 
The brand recently had a pop-up that featured the collection, which had a great amazing turn out in the west Chicago area. If you missed out on the pop up, don’t worry because you can still purchase any items apart of the collection via Aloha’s website. So be sure to check out this dope skate brand and be sure to purchase garments as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on the drip.  




Quinton ColemanComment