From a Lost Soul - Who Is Daniella Digiulio? (TGF INTERVIEW)

Recently the TGF got a chance to ask Daniella Digiulio some question about her self and her blog titled "From a Lost Soul".

Who Is Daniella Digiulo ?

She is a sophomore at Aurora University in Illinois. A communication and media studies major with a double minor in multimedia journalism and black studies. Daniella is heavily involved on campus, on the board for Black Student Union,AU speech and debate team and have competed in several tournaments including a national tournament in Tennessee.

Why did you start blogging?

She says it was the “love to write I really wanted to start getting my writing especially my poetry out there for people to see, and I figured this would be a good way to improve on my writing skills especially because, I am working on my own poetry novel that I want to publish by the summer of 2019”

After only a year of Blogging, she has people wanting her to start a YouTube channel, for right now she says she is focusing on her blogging and gaining a following. She recently released a documentary called The Real Spartan Women, a spin off of her podcast show “Spartan Women”which all can be viewed on her blog.

Further down the road?

Daniella wants to be a journalist/current news reporter in New York and also wants to have 2 published novels by the time she is 25! As for now She said her goal in college is “to leave the biggest impact I can on my campus, I don’t want to be the student who just went to work and class and then went to her room, I want to be the student who came and tried her hardest to make a difference for someone”

Daniella Digiulo

Daniella Digiulo

What are the blogs about?

Her blogs are about her personal experiences that She feels a lot of young women can relate to. She says “I am very for women empowerment and uplifting one another. I feel we come from a generation where we have been subconsciously trained to be in competition with women around us, a constant not wanting to see each other grow.”

Her Goal?

The goal with her blog may seem simple and cliché but she says “truthfully, if I can reach one person and make them want to change, or make a difference whether that be within themselves, in their community, for the people around whatever change that may be, if I can inspire one person then I think I did my job here”
she says” Writing has always been an outlet for me when my mental health seems to be falling apart and with this blog it’s kind of like my own personal portfolio of all my creative ideas”

Be sure to check out Daniella Digiulio's blog "From a Lost Soul" and let us know what you think ! 

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