Straight out of the heart of the city of Chicago, comes this thriving brand turning heads.” God Gifted Brand is the embodiment of the talents given by God. It stands by those who are influencers, trendsetters, and those who push the culture forward. God Gifted Brand represents: Creativity, Individuality, Confidence, and Talent that lies innate in all of us.

Although not a 'Christian'  brand, we undeniably recognize where our gifts come from...God”. This brand has a beautiful outtake on how we all have the ability to be great because we all have it inside of us. No matter what the case may be, God gifted brand is for everyone which makes it so appealing and lovable.  So grab some God Gifted clothing and flaunt what you should really be proud of, the talents that god gave us.

Quinton ColemanComment