LUKA X MONINI is for those who create their own path.



Influencer and Creative Entrepreneur, Luka Sabbat, collaborates with Jewelry Designer Gianni Monini from Monini Gioielli. Now we all know that Luka is plugged into high fashion, from streetwear brands like Supreme to Italian luxury Dolce Gabbana you name it but jewelry is a pillar we have not seen may conquer. Luka is no stranger to trying new things. He is a jack of all trades, he does it all, acting, modeling, styling, directoring, consulitng, you name it he does it. Im going to be honest, personally I don't wear much  shiny stuff (too broke for that) but he sure does make it look cool.

Their collaboration includes  silver, white gold, white and black diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones. Just to keep it 100 .. shit is expensive. But be sure to take a look at what another young face of fashion is bringing to the table. This collection is fairly simple but it certainly resemble boldness and and the timeless beauty of an authentic design.

 “I don't believe in titles… I believe you do what you want and find the right people who share your vision.” - LUKA SABBAT
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