Sympl (App)

There is an amazing new app for college students called Sympl.

What is SymplSympl is the first social learning platform made digital. Facebook introduced social network, Instagram introduced social media, Sympl is now introducing social learning it features a news feed such as twitter that highlights your classes, upcoming homework, and exams for the week. This means there is no more wasted time or missed assignments. Students can use the app to find study groups and classmates to work with on an interactive map of your campus. You also can quickly access course calendar to see everything coming up for the semester. You now have an easy way to contact classmates when you need help with assignments. Now you don't have to wait on your professor thats ignoring you to get the information that you need to succeed. Sympl will be launching this coming fall at Michigan State University, Menlo college, Howard University, The University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, and Lambton college. If your enrolled at any of these universities or colleges listed please don't hesitate to use this app.

CEO and CO Founder Matthew Eleweke

CO Founder and Marketing Mark Meyers 

CTO Jacob Sock



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