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Who is YoungFlamez ?

YoungFlamez (20), is a Chicago-based entrepreneur who creates custom apparel, you name it from head to toe, YF PRO has you covered.  His recent success comes from the custom pieces that he has made for big name celebrities like Iman Shumpert, John Wall, and Romeo Miller. 

When I talked to YF, he stated that since a little boy growing up he would always rock hats, but he wanted hats that no one else had, so in 2012 he began to customize his own.  


His custom piece would then begin to catch the attention of his fellow classmates when he wore his hats around the school. YF would customize the brims by changing the textures and adding patterns. Other students were intrigued by the uniqueness of his hat style, this lead to people beginning to demand for their own custom piece and the rest is history. 

I mentioned earlier that YF has customized pieces for Cleveland Cavalier superstar Iman Shumpert. How in the world did that happen? Young Flamez Instagram page somehow caught the attention of celebrity artist Teyana Taylor. Upon her liking one of his posts, he saw this a great opportunity to get his name and product out there. He ended up sending Teyana Taylor a bunch of gear... gear that somehow ended up on the body of her bf Iman. 

Young Flamez recently had a pop-up store at SneakerCon hosted this past November in NYC. Sneakercon was a huge success. Through the support of the people in NY, and promoters in Philadelphia, YF Pro completely sold out all of its merch.

Young Flamez told me that he took a chance with all of this. Nothing was planned. Keep and eye out for a TGF x YF Collab !

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