Harley Courage makes his TGF debut with a new fire EP titled “ MY WORLD/DIFFERENT AURAS”.


Harley is an up incoming artist out of Joliet IL, that is making noise and building well deserved hype around his name. He has a very dope catalogue so far but he adds to it with this EP. This EP is solid, and it is definitely Harley’s best work by far. He bodies the 3 tracks on the EP and gives a ton of authentic emotion that gives the songs life and meaning. “Flashes” on the EP in my eyes, is the best track on the joint by far. The meaning behind the track and the content is top notch and a lot of people can relate and enjoy the themes behind the song. Also it is rumored Harley is having a music video to go along with the track. So take a listen to this dope EP.


Quinton ColemanComment