070 Shake - "Glitters" EP

From The 070 Project released in 2016 with the Hits “Honey”, “Keep Up” And “Dem Dead”. Brings us here with Shakes new EP “Glitter” with emotion filled raw lyrics!



Shake from North Bergen, New Jersey at just 19 years old, this female artist is beginning to take over. Shake, is doing it all with her passion and emotion for music.

From teaching herself to play the piano, with no formal voice training or writing background, she is making a name for her self! Her unique sound and her creations with the 070 Crew are starting to get well-deserved recognition.

The crew 070, representing the area code they hail from, is not just a group of creative youths but a family of talented young artists. They are for the Youth with so many people focusing on just themselves, Shake and the 070 crew are trying to send a message to the culture! 

Josue RomanComment