Who is Saint 2oh1 ? (TGF Interview)

We got a chance to chat with Saint 2oh1 Check it out BELOW to find out what we discussed.

Born December 27th, 1996 in Brooklyn, New York, where He lived with his mother, and older brother and sister till around the age of 5. Then moved to Broward county, Florida till the 6th grade. In 2007 he moved in with his father in Fort Lee, Jersey till He graduated high school in 2014.

Speaking with Saint we might be looking at the next one up! His music, is next level with a uniqueness to it. His music is inspired by a sad but honest story Saint says “My music is inspired by my big brother Alexandre Mozart Nicolas. not my real blood brother but we were family growing up in Miami. I had a brother his age and he had a brother my age so the 4 of us were inseparable. He was the best musician I’ve ever seen, able to play the piano like John Legend, and sing like no one on this planet. While I was living in New Jersey, he was killed by police officers in Florida a couple days after his 20th birthday. Since that day, I knew I had to do something great in memory of him, so since he’s not around to blow up, I’m going to do it for him. “


Saint is talented in all aspect of music as he started playing the bongos in a Garifuna band at the age of 4, piano at the age of 7; drums at the age of 8 and played that until He learned the saxophone at age 14. He had always been into rapping but what made him really want to get into rapping he says “was hanging out with my 2oh1 squad in the Sugar Hill Mansion which had When you sit in those studios and look around at all the platinum plaques, you can’t help but want your own. every since I was young I knew that I was going to be famous, so being in that environment was just a sign from God to begin my quest for glory.”

Saints first release was 2OH1- Always Us in 2016 which has accumulated 55 thousands plays on soundcloud. 2OH1 is the record label Saint and his friends created. It has  3 other rappers, Him, Exoh and Jdubb, and a producer kaz the God.





As of now Saint has plans to release his first EP in late December around his birthday, be on the look out!

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