"514" x Lil Boii Kantu

lil Boii Kantu form Murrieta, California is coming on strong for the summer with a fresh pressed 18 track album titled 514

  lil Boil Kantu has been making hip hop music for only two Years now but takes pride in he's Trap Rock sound which comes from he's early days playing the guitar in metal bands. This body of work reflects his true image taking listener on a musical journey through he's spiritual and vibrational aspects leaving the physical behind. All of Kantu's music gives a positive message. Featured artist and production comes form the like of ad, Kap GWax MotifCrowleyManganelli, JnanksCoco Vango,Famelil CrowOhtrapstarkid BuuSuiGeneris, and many more. the hot track on this album undoubtedly is "No Smoke"which features an amazing video on No Jumper's channel on youtube.

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