A.C. the Ruler - HIGHLOVE

A.C The Ruler is back with a brand new offering titled “HIGHLOVE



A.C. The Ruler is no newcomer to The Ghetto Flower, today he is back with his latest release titled “HIGHLOVE” this track features a rich drum sound rooted with mixes of summer R&B and Hip Hop cadences. A.C played around with the subtle effects and productions while providing the feel good music vibe. Even the message within the tune challenges the norm, “HIGHLOVE” is a song about flying high and chasing the feeling of love.

Quotable Lyrics - “walk until you want to run and leap, sunrise in your eyes with peace, tranquility is all we need, summer mine yeah the waters deep.”

That said, AC is unique in every sense of the phrase, so be sure to keep an eye out for more from the Milwaukee talent. He has an incredible story to tell, and songs like “HIGHLOVE” communicate the remarkable extent to which AC The Rulers art is truly capable.

Stream the new song on SoundCloud above!

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