DC of #FREESPIRIT 's brand new offering titled "++[ADAPT]* is a must listen !

We are now three months into 2019, and DC has not let his foot off of the gas. Back in January he blessed us with ADDITUP, in February DND and now he is blessing us with a new single titled ADAPT. His latest single is about the change that he is witnessing around him, he raps about adapting to his environment and always remaining real and keeping it 100.

Quotable Lyrics - “ smoke every blunt like its my last, they be tryna base a nigga off of his past. could come in any place, but I aint coming last “

#FREESPIRIT have no weak links!! (i can merch this). I am looking forward to getting a full blown project from DC. He has sent me a couple unreleased tracks that are sounding better and better. Stay tuned here at The Ghetto Flower to see what he has in store for the future!

Stream DC of #FREESPIRIT 's brand new offering titled "++[ADAPT]*" here and let us know what you think in the comments!

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