aftertheparty - resonance

NewYork artist Aftertheparty is back with a brand new amazing project titled “Resonance”.

For the past three years, Aftertheparty has been producing and making countless tracks and projects on SoundCloud that are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Aftertheparty is a great artist and producer that already stands alone in his own category from up incoming artists. He stands alone because of his unique singing style and awesome production that gives his music its own category type of feel. Also, Aftertheparty is not like most artists because he is not a clout chaser or try’s to over promote himself. Till this day you can’t find not one single picture of Aftertheparty and he keeps a low profile on social media outlets. This makes Aftertheparty more iconic and unique because he lets only his music speak for himself, which makes his whole campaign so intriguing and impressive. Hard work and crafting his own unique style is what got Aftertheparty to this level in his career and it is paying off big time. 

After his solid project last year “Emulsion”, Aftertheparty is back and better then ever in this project “Resonance”. All of his projects and recent material, you can hear as a cohesive soundtrack that is this project.

So if you’re a fan of Aftertheparty, this flawless project is definitely for you. So make sure to stream “Resonance” here. 

Michael TayoComment