B&B (Music Video) - AUSTEN NOBLES

Chicago talent Austen Nobles just released a clean new visual for "B&B"

Chicago artist Austen Nobles has been striving to success so far in 2019, here he is today following up with more momentum with the release of his brand new music video titled “B&B”.

I have been a huge fan of Nobles music for coming up to a year now and let me be the first to tell you that he is surpassing my expectations with every track. The track along with the visual is up there as far as my favorites go in regards to Austens work.

The visual is clean and filled with many anime references, the special effects are clean and on point, representing Austen in a superstar fashion.

Take a few minutes of your day below to check out this new visual and if you like his style be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on IG !

Michael TayoComment