Be Water My Friend Pt2(EP) - Otwbrucie

OTW Brucie makes his TGF debut with his impressive new EP, “Be Water My Friend Pt2”



OTW Brucie seems to be constantly evolving his sound and enhancing his skill thus far in 2019. This new tape is called “Be water my friend PT2”. It is named after the first “ Be water” EP that OTW Brucie dropped two years ago.

Be water my friend PT2” is a short and concise collection of deep hard hitting alternative rap tunes. The production is hard hitting and extremely addicting, the bass on “Element” will have your speakers knocking, there is a multitude of vibes throughout the 3 track EP.

“Golden POV” is my favorite on the EP. It is a complete switch up for OTW Brucie, he gets to explaining much more vulnerable subjects including his previous relationship. The narrative of this track is one that may have you in your feelings so proceed with caution. It is alway pleasant to see artists tapping into their lighter emotional sides. At the end of the day we are all human.

I’m happy this caught my eye, as it’s another release that I’ll be throwing into the summer rotation. Check out this 8-minute EP above and on all streaming services here

The Chicago based OTWBrucie ( Off The Way) created his brand to reach new points with within his music career and give other artist on platform to lift them up,

This helping includes two singles from a bigger tape that OTWBrucie is hitting at titiled “Golden Boys” produced by GIOTM Thaiwaun Productions, and one bonus track produced by KiltKarter. The bonus track teases a future collab tape between me and Karter, called “KiltBrucie” So definitely be on the look out for more work from the OTW collective.

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