Childish Major - Feelings Hurt

Atlanta producer/artist Childish Major is back with a new single titled “Feelings Hurt”.


After seeing Childish Major had released a new single, I couldn’t wait to wrap my ears around it. Childish Major is honestly one of the most versatile artists I have ever come across. All his talents that he possesses as an artist are top notch and are great as stand alone talents. He can sing, produce, and rap at an extremely high level that makes me wonder why isn’t he an artist at the top of the game right now? Well hopefully in the near future he will be if he continues dropping heat like he has been doing and with this new single “Feelings Hurt”. This single is honestly flawless with Childish ripping apart the instrumental with precision and fire bars that perfectly explain the whole premise of the song.

So be sure to stream this flawless single from Childish here and stay update with him moving forward.

Quinton ColemanComment