CP - Ice Cream Drip feat. buru [Prod. Ceobeatz]

CP & Duffle Bag Buru link on a new slapping single produced by Ceo Beatz titled “Ice Cream Drip”.


After getting to know CP from interviewing him, he has easily been one of the artists I am continuing to keep a close eye on. He is genuine at heart and every time he drops material, it always raises the bar and is easily something you can put in your daily rotation. CP comes this time around with this rhythmic bouncy cut in “ Ice Cream Drip”. Breaking down the single, Buru starts off the song with shelling out a tone of raw emotion to get the whole mood of the single locked in, while CP chimes in matching Buru’s energy. The whole single the two go back in forth with their bars giving the song a great feel and a great representation of having amazing chemistry.

After hearing the two link on the track “Obama” (which is on Buru’s latest album) I knew I was in for a hard track and that’s exactly what “Ice Cream Drip” is. In the future, I hope to get more collabs out the two because honestly hearing them both on a track is like a unique music duo I never heard before.

So make sure you stream this single here.

Quinton ColemanComment