D2X - "Enjoy Life" EP (TGF INTERVIEW)


Who is D2X? I hear you ask. He recently answered a few questions for us here at TGF so keep reading to learn more about this young artist from Chicago IL. 

What is your stage name and age?


I go by the name of D2X , My rap name just came from the first and last initials of my name and I put the two together (Demauris Dixon) & I’m 20 now.


Where are you from ?


I was born In Chicago , lived there for sometime then I moved to Riverdale,IL , a south suburb right outside the city and I’ve been here ever since. It’s a lot of talent in the south suburbs also, Ty Money , Juice WRLD , GLOhan Beats, Etc. and I wanna be one of those guys that stand out. 



What got you into making music?


I started making music my freshman year of college, in the fall of 2016 , I was honestly just playing around with it, just wanting to hear how I’ll sound rapping on a beat lol , I would freestyle songs and It eventually turned into a real career. I was playing basketball at the time & my entire life I’ve been mainly hooping. It took till the beginning of my freshman year, I didn’t want to try to walk on to the basketball team at WIU & Music was something else I really loved and even though it was a tough decision , I thank God I found a passion in this. 


Describe your music making process? what is a typical studio session like for you ?


I’m honestly not around many people in the studio , it usually just me & the engineer/producer , Me & GLOhan who is one of my main producers work together alone mostly all the time. As far the process of me making music , I just write whenever I feel inspired to, I’m super conscious & award of the things I say & I take as much time as I can to make sure it’s what people will enjoy hearing. 



Who are some of your artistic inspirations?


There’s many but definitely my favorite artist that I get inspired by would be , J.Cole, Kendrick , Jay- Z, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Lil Herb,Vince Staples, Chance, Kanye  & there’s many more. 


What is your favorite song on the project?


My favorite song would have to be “Lights” , even though it shifts lol. My homie Kid Marquis produced that one for me & I believe it has all the pieces of a classic. An incredible intro & that record was inspired by Kanye’s college dropout album. If you ever listen to “Spaceship” by Kanye you’ll hear the similarities & my main objective with this project was to just bring classics vibes back to the city & everywhere else around the world for everyone to feel. 

Who are some artists you would like to work with in the industry?

Cole, Mac Miller , Vince Staples , Valee

Fun Question : pancakes, french toast or waffles? 

Waffles lol ,pancakes cool Bt waffles a do you right lol, especially because I don’t have them often , that’s rare to me lol. 



Tell us a little more about how your new EP “Enjoy Life” came about


The EP came about just randomly one night me & GLOhan was working on beats downtown Chicago at this Studio Called “Complex” , a very well known studio in the city of Chicago. I was originally planning towards a full length project in August of 2017. Time flies & while being an artist your ideas & inspirations shifts always, well at least for me. It took about 3 months to record, and I came up with the title while I was on vacation in Los Angeles, California & Its all about just staying in the moment & taking advantage of everyday. 

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