Devin Burgess - TRASH

He we are in 2018 and Devin releases the highly anticipated album, TRASH

Devin didn’t release a project in 2015 because of lack of inspiration. He eventually started to write more and more, which got him out of that funk. Come 2016, he released my biggest project to date, “Progress”, which was made available on all music streaming platforms. The project was also complimented by two videos for the tracks “Away” and “Walk with a God”.

Devin continued to turn up that year. He released a collab EP with rapper & videographer LunarThought called “LGNDS”, also available everywhere, and produced a four-track EP with a rapper named Ronin called “NovemberWave”. He’s put out a solo psychedelic instrumental album called “Solstice” and a collab instrumental album with Monroe producer Holland Scarth, called “McLean Deluxe”.

Hailing from Middletown, Devin first got into music when he was fifteen years old by making beats and melodies on his grandmother’s piano. Through learning how to play songs by ear, Devin became fascinated with music production.



The next year, Devin’s pops got him FL Studio for Christmas. He began making beats just for fun, and when he showed some homies, they’d freestyle on them. When Devin was in school, a friend of his suggested he should start rapping, too. He was easily convinced and wrote his first rap in class. After his raps were greeted with positive reviews from his friends, he’s been rhyming ever since.

In 2012, Devin put out his first mixtape entitled “The Elegant Project”, with his sophomore project “SoulMusic” following in 2014. “[SoulMusic] was the project that really got people to gravitate towards me,” states Devin.

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“ I dropped one single from the project called Bounce Back. I didn't intend on it being a single, and when I made the song Trash hadn't existed yet lol. The song was doing really well so I just decided to make a visual and throw it on the album and treated as a single.”

Somewhere in the hustle, Devin also released a mixtape called “LivingRoomInterludes” hosted by LunarThought. His  most recent release is Celestialove with singer/songwriter Xzela. Keeping the momentum going, Devin would soon release a collaborative EP with Maine producer, fyvr, entitled Escape. He we are in 2018 and Devin releases the highly anticipated album, TRASH. 

Almost all of Devin’s music can be found at his Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and you can keep up with him via his FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

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