Who is DJMiamivice ?

Alejandro Casula, 25 years old Growing up in Miami, FL with my grandma, mother, and sister. He wanted to be a soccer player but later on as years went by he fell in love with music. It wasn't until 2 years after high school that he decided to really get into the dj business. He says “I started it as a hobby just to pass time whenever I didn't have anything to do. A year later I decided to actually start djing at events.” He first started at a bar in Durham, NC and 7 months later Hr moved into djing at Solas in downtown Raleigh for Latin nights on Thursday's. He says “From there my career took off and I started djing at concerts opening up for artist such as, Zion y LennoxMaluma, Camila, Ozuna, Dj Luian, and Jory Boy. Then from there I had the opportunity of djing in Boston, Providence, Charlotte, Greenville, Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Durham.”

Be on the look out for DJMIAMIVICE coming to a city near you, I promise you won’t want to miss his performance! I got the in person experience at Limelight in downtown Greensboro,NC. And I’ve yet to see a club go that crazy 💯

What made you start

Casula says”I first started it because I fell in love with music, but then I continue to do it because I like the ability to be able to bring happiness to people through me playing music. Being able to see someone go into a place a forget about all their problems and just enjoy the music that I play and how it brings out smiles and an unforgettable time. “

Favorite club/bar to DJ at.

Although he has performed at tons he says he does not have a favorite, because each experience at each club is completely different. “Every different club that I've dj at has been a sensational and unforgettable experience because the crowd always gives me positive vibes and the love they show me is unconditional”


HE has only been at it for 2 years seriously, but I’ll tell y’all he is killing it all my Latinos have to check him out💯🔥

He plays a little of everything , but his main Genres Latin and Hip Hop.

What’s in store for the Future.

Casula says “I see myself going to different states and becoming a successful dj worldwide if I continue to put in the dedication and hard work not only when I'm on stage, but when I'm off stage as well.”

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