Who is DJ $T-Dollas$ ? (TGF INTERVIEW)

We recently got a chance to chat with $T-Dollas$ a Chicago DJ spinning events around the city and across state lines.

Tremell Turner, 22, also known as Dj $T-Dollas$ ( @imjusttdollas ) recently answered a couple questions for The Ghetto Flower in an interview that exposes much more than his work as a DJ, diving into his hardships and artistic inspirations and favorite aspects behind his craft.

The man behind the tables lets it all out through a number of topics, ranging from his setlist creation, to what got him started with this all.

The conversation makes for a great read and offers a different point of view into the brilliant mind of Tremell

Check out the best excerpts from the interview below.

What go you into music and becoming a DJ? 

My 6th music teacher Mrs. Schroll, she taught me how to play the piano in 8th grade and from then on I’ve loved music. It wasn’t really until high school that I got more into it. As far as becoming a Dj, I used to go to NIU and freshman year over winter break I tried to learn how to produce an engineer, but I didn’t have the patience. So I bought some turntables and never looked back!

Who are some of your artistic inspirations? 

Childish Gambino, Jaden Smith, Supra Bwe, Lucki, Mac Miller, XXXtentacion. There’s more into it, but these artists are some of my biggest inspirations, and the reasons why I ended up wanting to be an artist myself.

Walk us through your setlist process? 

When I make mixes, they usually have a certain theme. For example with the “Oomf” mixes, they follow a storyline of a love story. Let Me Put You On series are full of artists that I listen to that I wanna shed light on, from local to mainstream to underground. As far as when I dj events, it’s all improvised.

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ? 

Mannnnnnnnnnnn, I just love being able to distribute good music to good people. I used to want to be a musician myself, like a singer or rapper, but I just like too many styles and genres of music that I felt like I couldn’t put that into one entity. So, being a Dj I get to spread all that music exactly how I want. Its great. Also, djing live, being in control of a crowd and the overall vibe of a function is stressful as hell, but satisfying all those people with good music is the best feeling in the world. 
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