Fantasy” is the new single from Chicago producer Purple Tokyo and New York rapper Makia. This single, dropped along with a visually stunning music video

Purple Tokyo

Purple Tokyo



Purple Tokyo explores the dark and mysterious places of the mind and yet maintains a sense of fun, feel-good excitement throughout. Bred in the gritty corners of Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, the project synthesizes various sounds from his Mexican-American experience. Listeners may also note a kinship with deep house, reggaeton, new wave, and vapor-wave genres.

Makia (Ma-Kia) is a hip-hop artist from Chicago currently pursuing his passion of music in Brooklyn, NY. He's performed all around the Midwest and New York at colleges and major venues in Chicago like Reggies Rock Club and Schuba’s as well as the famous Pyramid Club in NYC's Lower East Side. Makia's real talent lies in his ability to craft songs with catchy hooks; and because of his unique cadence and flow, it's inevitable that the masses will soon catch on to his versatility.

directed by

cinematography by
Daniel Kelleghan

Executive Producer
Katrina Hoernig


Head Stylist
Ceila Quarles

Michael TayoComment