Fee - Ayo Dre feat. MarkEm & J-Zo (Prod. T-Nice)

Ayo Dre speaks up where most will not. With catchy hooks, bouncy vibes, his new song “Fee” is certain to be bumped in the club



Dre speaks out against Albuquerque violence and his personal experience of being backstabbed. "I feel like Kenny in the land of Lennyholyites,” referring to the murder of Kenneth Douglas, by his childhood friend, Lenny Holly. 

This homicide has taken a toll on Albuquerque New Mexico's Kirkland neighborhood, known as "The Kirk.” Albuquerque based J-Zo is featured on the second verse. Louisa, Kentucky artist MarkEm crafted the track’s tantalizing hook.

Ayo Dre’s track is his debut release on Spotify, the first of many. His locally acclaimed mixtape from November 2018 is on Soundcloud

The beat for Fee was produced by Tony Minter, aka T-Nice. "Fee" was recorded with Bdot SmokeZ, a Mixing/Mastering Engineer at Famous HipHop Radio.

The music that Ayo Dre creates reflects his conscious reality. His unique style of music lets you both bounce and reflect, to release your own stress. When things are at their worst, a positive attitude is all you can hold onto. With his tireless work ethic, and tangy sweet vocals on his tracks, Ayo Dre is taking music critics by surprise, his songs compell a crowd to move, dance, and vibe with his motivational dose of conscious reality.

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