Femdot - 94 Camry Music

Femdot drops off his brand new project titled “94 Camry Music”.

Femdot has been keeping consistent with dropping solid peaces of work after another. He contiunes the trend with dropping this deep fulfilling project “94 Camry Music”.

The tittle couldn’t be more discrete and fitting to my personal life. I too did have a 94 Camry growing up and remember all the memories and the countless music I played blaring through the cheap stocked speakers. Seeing this project tittle brought me back to a simpler time, and made me really key in on every track and focus on the game that Femdot was kicking through flawless lyrics and kunning world play.

Through this 7 track project, all the songs shine bright and tell a story. One thing that I always focus on while listening to an artist, is if they can take me virtually to place and time with there vivid story telling through lyrics. Femdot easily accomplishes that with giving me a feel as if I was back in my 94 Camry going through life as a youth. The themes and the relatable feel of this project is why it is definitely one of my personal favorites of the year because it expresses the decisions and lessons Femdot had to face growing up that shaped him now. I believe a lot of kids in today’s day and age can really relate to this project even though they probably have never seen a 94 Camry. But there definitely messing out if they haven’t because it is on one of the most reliable cars in history, and the focal point meaning to this stellar project.

So be sure to stream Femdot’s newest project here and keep up with him on all his social media’s.

Quinton ColemanComment