Femdot. -Consignment

Femdot. drops off another hard single titled “ Consignment”.



For the past couple of weeks Femdot. has been blessing fans with stellar single after single, and now he continues the ongoing trend today with dropping this new fresh cut. It feels like with the familiar cover art on the past couple of singles, Femdot. might be gearing up for a project. I really hope so because every track coming out of him right now is honestly lyrical classics. But focusing on the “Consignment” single, Femdot. is once again showing his lyrical genius in devouring the track bar for bar. Every time I hear a Femdot. song, there is so much memorable bars and content, it always keeps me engaged and coming back to his music every time.

So don’t miss out on this hard single, stream here. For more Femdot. updates, follow him on all social media’s and music platforms.

Quinton ColemanComment