"Ghost" Gio Dee ft Polo $ummers

 Gio Dee links up with homie Polo $ummers to pays tribute to Mr Saint-Patrick on new track titled "Ghost" #POWER

Hailing out of Boston Gio Dee shows that he can hang! His tracks give off the east coast vibe for sure. He is the leader of the Chef Boyz, a music group based out of the greater Boston Area. 

FUN FACT: Not only is "Gio Dee" and play on words with GOD, sorta like Eminem is with Marshall Mathers, it also means God is Gracious in Italian (Gio). David in the bible means beloved musician. So he put the two together and it means “God's Gracious Beloved musician.” Pretty dope and smart if you ask me. 



 STREAM Gio Dee's latest project "TWENTY 6" BELOW

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