HeartBreakIcy putting Las Vegas on the map?


Little about HeartBreakIcy

Icy a 17 Year Old Born And Raised In Las Vegas. Who just recently released a snippet to his new video “No Reason” coming soon. He says “ I’m just Young Nigga Living The Fast Life. Im Very Cryptic In How I Move Cause I Do Everything For Myself.”

Music process

Icy says “Its Just A Vibe Honestly. Always Hella Woods In Rotation, Then Whenever I Hear A Beat That Make Me Feel A Certain Way I Just Get To Talking Shit. People Just Fuck With How I Talk Shit Though.”

I’m telling y’all the shit he talking goes crazy🔥. He is definitely on the come up if he keeps at it.

How long have you been making music?

Although he hasn’t been at it for long only since his freshman year, Icy relies on how open his music taste and the variety of music along with his knowledge of music. He says “I love music as a fan originally I know enough music to talk to a person for hours.” He got introduced into music by one of his main producers and Big bro Ryan sounds. Icy says his freshman year he “Did Some Bullshit Ass Song At The Time And Dropped It And It Hit 20k Plays And I Was Inspired Ever Since.”


Artist he would like to work with?

Icy is Content With Working With The Four Artist That he really puts in time with. That Being BBKnight, BBKoat, $iderreal, & Phone. He says “I Already Have My Preference With Most Of The Game Today, I  Have A Sense Of Who Im Gonna Work With Most Definitely But Im Also Aware That This Industry Sets You Up A Lot Of Opputunities And Im Ready For It.” He also gives out a lot of respect to various artist and wants to explore his options and opportunities.

EP or Album on the way?

Although he has no ep or album on the way HeartBreakIcy has a lot of heat in the vault, he says for now just strictly singles. As he plans to build a bigger platform before he gets started on his solo tape. No need to worry though, Icy said “Im Most Definitely Putting Together EP’s With Me And All Those 4 Artists I Mentioned.”

So we can all get ready and tune in for the Heat that’s coming!

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