KILLING PROPHETS - HEFFY (prod. by dexton & heffy)

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Rap rockstar HEFFY shows off his potential with his latest single “KILLING PROPHETS”. As a content creator/writer for a blog I always try to get myself hip to new artists and music that catch my interest. I have known HEFFY to be an artist for a while now through his numerous collaboration with $ike The Drug. It was his standout track scary thoughts 👻 (prod by losi) that really had me locked on to him and his work. The thing I like the most about his music is the fact that it mixes a bunch on genres, with trap beats, emo rock lyrics and poppy catchy hooks, its hard to really put a finger on the exact “type” of music that HEFFY makes, Personally i think this is a great thing for the current ecosystem of music creation because it forces others to think outside of the box if they really want to make a name for themselves.

Quotable Lyrics - “ poker face on me when i walked in, bussin all the molly in the function “

KILLING PROPHETS seems to be a song about HEFFY calling out for help, trying to escape the demons inside of him. In his lyrics he states that he sleeps to fight the pain, his is a prophet and is slowly losing his life to the drugs .

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