illatheillastrator - GARDENofEDEN

ILLAtheillastrator is back with “GARDENofEDEN

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All those who have been following The Ghetto Flower this year most likely already aware of illatheillastrator who is making his way back to our blog with his brand new track titled “GARDENofEDEN“

Just a few days ago I was bumping “★Co-Star★” and was imaging what it would be like to get even more heat from the Chicago native, and right on time, he blessed us which is his best work whilst on this run, the levels of lyricism and production are out of this world sonically. It is clear that ILLAtheillastrator is growing into his own version of an artist, this record is parody with a futuristic spin, I can see this song getting hella play.

Shout out to illatheillastrator for continuing to push the boundaries of sound, I have been keeping close eyes on his release thus far in 2019 , and it’s great to see him keeping the streak going. Do yourself a favor and press play now!

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