Kart's Kabinet EP - KiltKarter

Stream the latest EP from KiltKarter, “Kart's Kabinet ” below:



Kiltkarter has not let his foot off of the gas since dropping his last tape Hi I’m Kart “, If you had time over the weekend you should’ve done yourself a favor and checked out his latest project ‘Karts Kabinet’.

If you’re an avid follower of The Ghetto Flower and the hip hop underground scene in Chicago, you should already know about Karter. His name has been bubbling in the streets this year thus far and his latest installment is the exact reason why. His work rate is UNMATCHED. This EP is five songs in length and has a run time of about 9 minutes but there is nothing short about it. This tape feels like Karter was having a good time and continued rapping as himself from start to finish. After listening to the project a few times now, the standouts for me are “Gobble Gobble” and “All Sharpton”

Check out Kilt Karter’s new album ‘Karts Kabinet’ NOW!

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