*KILLASEASON x [1takeace]


I first was introduced to 1TAKEACE from twitter when I saw retweets of him promoting a single titled “I Like” That track really caught my attention, but it wasn’t until I went back into his Soundcloud archive that I found a song by 1Take called “CHOPPAONME” that really turned me into a fan and true supporter of his craft. To keep it a buck … UNOTAKEACE will be outta here in no time. He has been featured on tracks with other artists who have been highlighted on TGF. Not too long ago he hopped on “FIRE” with Austen Nobles, once I heard this I knew he was in a good crowd and had the right creatives around him. Just from listening to his music I can tell that he has the “IT” factor that many lack in todays underground scene. He knows that he is nice with the bars and does not hesitate to let that be know. On his new project “*KILLASEASONhe talks his shit, letting it be known that this is his season, aint no spooky szn bih a Killa is here

After releasing multiple singles earlier in the year 1Takeace finally dropped his project “*KILLASEASON” on Halloween.

*KILLASEASON” has a total of eleven tracks, each and everyone is filled with punch lines and a vibe that will turn everyone up.



This project is one of those in which you play prior to or at any function. I can guarantee this will get any crowd jumping (may even start a fight lol). My favorite tracks have to got be pre released single “*GOOFYBOA“ produced by Joey3x .

Quotable Lyrics - “I aint gotta say no names they know who we are, James bond I be shooting outta moving cars”

Next I gotta give it to “*SCHOLARSHIP”. 1Takeace was in his bag on this one. For all the baller, young flexers and those who like to pop their shit, this is for you. Honestly I cant control myself whilst bumping this. It has got a bop to it. UNO aint got no time for arguing, “so please tell your bitch to stop calling the kid”. A close second for me is “*CRASHBANDICOOT w/ NabuddahUNO raps about sliding on his opposition just like crash bandicoot. All my game heads out there can definitely resonate with crash and how that nigga used to slide as one of his attack moves. On the hook he states “dont hit my line with your raps nigga, wack niggas always wanna collab with us”. I can definitely relate to that.

Quotable Lyrics - “I do not need to front, see my trunk in the front. Punisher with the pump, gucci gang with the pump”



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