" Midnight EP " x ADOT

Chicago’s very own up-incoming artist Adot has recently dropped a banger EP titled “Midnight”.

“Feelings I can’t repair, cut you off like its hair”

This tape has a collective often slowed down rhythmic base knockers that don’t fail to entertain listening plenty times throughout. Adot’s devilry throughout every track is on point and it feels like holy matrimony when warped together with the beat. Every track gives off this nostalgic authentic vibe that is great to rock with. Adot also links up with Warhol.SS, Sammy L’s, and ROO$KI on a couple of tracks. With having these features, it really showed the landscape of the new Chicago sound and who is next up coming out of the city. So take a Listen to Adot’s brand new EP.

Quinton ColemanComment