"MiniVan Days" - Kariya

Keeko is back w/ a old yet new track, & a new addition to his stage name, “Kariya”. The name comes from a villain in the anime “Bleach”. The first half of “MiniVan Days” was written while Keeko was in highschool, a time period where he was in a more peaceful state of mind. He would perform it at open mics & audition just to preview his skills as an Emcee. The 2nd half was written before Keeko turned twenty one this year, telling a story of how music found him & how he’s turned into what he believed that he wouldn’t, but all & all the growth within him as an artist shows.


Artist Bio:

21 year old emcee Keeko from the south side of Chicago & the suburbs had found his passion for music at an early age singing in gospel choir in elementary school, & joining his praise team at church from Middle School till he graduated from Highschool. During his highschool career is when he was introduced to the underground rap scene & began making his own music w/ a dear friend named Geo, shortly after his cousin Shavon past away. Now he is twenty & is only getting better w/ age. 

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