"My Crew" x Kevin George (Official Music Video)

Kevin George proves to the listener that he is something special In his new single "My Crew"


Who is Kevin George I hear you ask... After listening to just one of his tracks, this 20-year-old self-taught producer/singer will turn you into a fan. I get those 2013 Trilogy XO vibes when I listen to his stuff (shout out to all of the weeknd fans). Nothing about Kevin George is mainstream, as a young adult he isn't caught up in the bright lights and social media like many upcoming artists today,  his songwriting and delivery skills are what sets him apart from all other RnB artist today. Some would compare him the likes of The Weeknd, 6lack or even Roy Woods. Give his music a chance and decide for yourself. This young star has a future, we should all definitely keep an eye and ear out. I have also included the stream to another single of his "High Like This", another track that proves he deserves a spot as a rising star in today's industry. Stay Tuned.

Michael TayoComment