"Wildflower" x Nessly

After 2 years , artist Nessly blesses the music world with another new project titled “Wildflower”.

Nessly is a well-decorated artist that has been making quality unique melodic music for several years. Nessly has worked with a lot of the famous artists coming up in the Internet rap world and he is among one of the most talented and reserved. The “Wildflower” project contains 13 tracks that have a variety of flows compacted with different emotions and feelings with stellar production. He also has great features on the project like 24hrs, Ski Mask, and HoodRich Pablo Juan that gives the project a nice balance of content. This is Nessly best work to date and he has made a big step with this project and its overall message. So stream “Wildflower” now. 

Quinton ColemanComment