"No Sleep"(EP) - OG Stevo

OG Stevo drops off his highly anticipated EP that we have been feening for titled “No Sleep”.  



This EP is phenomenal and what OG Stevo brings to the table with his authenticity and original dope style, is like no other. “No Sleep” which is the first track on the EP sets the mood moving forward all the way throughout the tape. The songs on the EP breathe determination and embodies what Stevo prides himself on, which is his hustle. Growing up when the odds are not in your favor it is hard, and what Stevo represents in his music is beating all odds and finishing on top with his hustle and cunning determination.

The whole EP circles back to this main theme and it is great that we can hear it over 5 songs with great bars/ production. So take a listen to this dope EP from OG Stevo.

Quinton ColemanComment