Stream Osa North’s thoughtful new album, “OSA NORTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD,”

Back in 2018, TGF writer Q wrote a piece about up and coming artist OSA North and his EP “Ginjah” It was the track titled “Melodies” that had me extremely hooked on his music. After the recent success of his latest single released, the talented Chicago artist is back with his new EP entitled OSA NORTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD.

There is a lot of raw talent sprouting up in industry right now and in my opinion, Osa North is definitely a key player. It’s no cap when I say I haven’t heard anyone quite like him in some time that combines the Afro/Caribbean dance hall vibes.

Here is what Osa had to say about his newest EP.

“Osa North and the Holy Spirit of God is a sound track bringing you as close to the roller coaster - life of a sinner as possible. This is not the traditional body of work but it is a whirlwind of ideas and sounds. I know you will enjoy listening just as much as i enjoyed making this EP on the North Side of Chicago.

Whatever you are going through in life is only a set up for what God is about to bless you with. It is not about you, but God's purpose. “

The new OSA North EP OSA NORTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD is available on all streaming platforms! I’ve attached the soundcloud link above, so please check it out as soon as you can and go show Osa some support! If you’re a fan, make sure to follow him on his social accounts !

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