PIINK 2 x Lancey Fouxx

East Londoner Lancey Fouxx drops the sequel to his debut project PIINK 2

okay okay... so for those of you who are wondering who tf is Lancey Fouxx? We are in the same boat. I literally found out about him on Saturday.. (I'm writing this on Tuesday).

If you know anything about the UK Grime scene you have probably heard of Skepta (BBK). This past week on IG he posted a screenshot of Lancey Fouxxs new project PIINK 2 which he is featured on a track titled "Dyed 2WICE" this is how I found out about Lancey. 

So obviously being the type of person I am,  had to dig a little deeper into the music.



Check out the visual to "Speed Demon" by Lancey Fouxx on PIINK 2

If I could compare Lancey Fouxx to anyone in the states I would say a Travis Scott mixed with a young thug. He has sort of a punk rock/trap vibe about him. He has hooks filled melodic sounds and verse that really expose his UK sounds and accent. On the track "Gnarly Boyz" he links ups with US artist Lil Gnar. This one is a banger, turn the speakers up for this on fr

"Diamonds like forreal, grinding skating like Pharrell"

I will have to go back in the archives and listen to the original PIINK which released back in 2015, to see his progression, but from the first few listens I must say I am impressed and now a fan. 

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