"Precibus" (SINGLE) - Keeko Kariya ft. Ché Monet

The mainstream media debut song “Precibus” is a testament to the artists’ growth both professional and personal. 

With its heavenly harmonies, groovy symphs, and sick 808’s, “Precibus” is perfect add to the soundtrack of our lives. The track, composed by AIM Gang’s producer Ro Marsalis, features smooth vocals and versatile flows from a groovy duo. Keeko Kariya’s passionate songwriting and Ché Monet’s unmatched soul sets this mainstream debut on fire. Walk In Love.

Keeko Kariya is a Hip-Hop rooted rapper, singer, songwriter with influences of 80s R&B.  Kariya has agility, moving from boom-bap MC in “Darkskin Marksmen” to providing his fans with a developed harmonic experience. Kariya has gained respect in the underground Chicago art scene through supporting and collaborating with artist but always stays true to who he started with like Ché Monet. 

 Infused with rhythm and blues, The Ché Monet sound cannot be duplicated. Her hit single “No Way” speaks volumes to her sick raw vocals. Ché Monet’s 90’s vibe makes every song her own. 

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