$ike the drug Changes w/ Heffy (prod. Hounds)

The duo of $ike The Drug & Heffy are back with another hard single titled “Changes”.

This song is foreal one of my favorites coming from the duo. I know Heffy and $ike having been working on music sense “Vice World”, but this track to me gives me the same vibes from that raw tape and lowkey builds on that vibe. When hearing a $ike & Heffy song, honestly there is nothing like it because the authenticity of there flows combined is like nothing that I have ever heard before. It’s like a melodic alternative rap duo that is always on point and the content of their lyrics is relatable and dope at the same time. So make sure to listen to the latest track from Heffy & $ike “Changes”.

Hardest lyrics:

Why you want a piece of mine,
Can’t let me get no piece of mind,
You get your back and I get mine,
Don’t call my phone I hit decline. 


Quinton ColemanComment