SoloSam makes his TGF debut with his new project titled “Plated”.

SoloSam  @TheRealSoloSam



SoloSam has been making noise in Chicago for quite sometime now, which led me to finding out about how great of an artist he is. I first heard SoloSam on dope track “Highly Favored”. The track had a video to it directed by Strip Mall that really showed me a very entertaining side of SoloSam, which made me dig deep into his music.

Sam has a great catalogue of music and adds to it with this appetite-filling project “Plated”. This 6-track EP is cohesive and every track stands out but at the same time sticks to the themes and overall feel of the sample heavy EP. This EP was well put together and fantastically produced with tracks that will surely peak your interest.

So be sure to stream this EP “Plated” here.


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