"Sorry For The Wait" by Unotheactivist

Unotheactivist graces us with a 4- track EP project that we've been craving for some while, Sorry for the wait


Unotheactivist released a track earlier in the year titled "Go With The Flow" that has 1.2M + views on Soundcloud.  The underground hit contains melodic repetitive flows that almost put you in a trance. Producer Krooks really did his thing on this one. Check it out for yourself below. 

. The EP is called “Sorry For The Wait” and consists of 4 tracks perfectly mastered and filled with vivid vocals and endless new vibes. This whole project gives off what Uno prides himself on being, which is the most positive drill artist in the game. What Uno captures even more in this EP, other than his positive drill spirit is how different he actually is then other artists that also came up on SoundCloud. Uno has made a new lane for himself by creating music that has a popstar approach that also gives you the nice drill feel. It almost seems crazy how he clashes two genres together mixing different sounds and vibes but it always produces a great product. So you don't have to wait anymore and stream Unotheactivists new project.

Michael TayoComment