Ease World drops a dope collective tape titled the “Diptape” before his launch of his highly anticipated album “2006”.




One of our fave artists here at The Ghetto Flower Ease World, lands on our blog today with a totally “Dipped” mixtape. This mixtape contains a hefty 23 songs packed with nostalgic flows and beats that bring me back to a great time in Hip Hop history. Ease World always and continues to be himself which makes him stand out with his unique style and approach to rap. Everything about his style and the way he moves brings back a certain awesome nostalgic vibe that is intoxicating. I can’t remember the last time I listened to a 20 track something long tape, heard N.E.R.D type beats, or even seen anybody rock ice creams but that’s Ease World for you. He continues to be himself and it’s paying off in a big way because this “Diptape” is down right fire and everybody on it did a great job as a whole.

Quotable lyric: - “
I’m a nerd wit a lil thug, I feel like I’m the shit”

So be sure to stream this dope project and stay tuned for Ease World’s new album “2006” in the near future.

Quinton ColemanComment