"Stuck In My Head" By Brianna Brock ft. Marcus Nogood

Brianna Brock is breaking down the barriers, becoming the first female featured on The Ghetto Flower with her new single "Stuck In My Head"


Brianna Brock is an artist hailing from Chicago. She started writing songs when she was around the age of  7 . Brianna always knew that she wanted to be a singer so it was only right that she wrote her own music. 

In 6th grade she decided to join a band, this gave her a some foundation to her musical talent and accompaniment to her music. 

During her teenage years, writing music became second nature for Brock. Writing songs every day that were filled with emotions became normal for her. Though she had experience performing at open mics and high school talent shows, no one had a clue that it was indeed Brianna that was crafting her own  music.   

This is when She met the producer "Pyro the Space Boy" who actually produced this "Stuck In My Head", Brianna worked with him and other musicians in the studio for a couple years, developing her voice and writing style. 



Brianna Brock actually started writing this song when she was at work. She previously worked in a restaurant so she really wasn't able to lay down her idea but she had this melody stuck in my head (no pun intended).

Once Brianna added the lyrics "Woke up to the smell of you, the final truce, now that it's over. Washed off what is left of you, I'm guessing you, just came for closure" to it. She was immediately was excited about it, due to the fact that she couldn't write it down, she continuously sung it over and over in her head, praying that she wouldn't forget it before she was able to record it.

Once off work, Brianna raced home and immediately added chords to it and recorded it right there. This was a song that came so naturally and was written within the hour. She thought that the song would sound great with a rapper on it , she had known Marcus Nogood for awhile, the two have collaborated in the past, and she knew he was extremely talented and felt the record needed him on it. So Brianna sent him a voice recording of just the chords and the lyrics and he agreed to be on it even before she had a produced version of the song.

"When I finally went into the studio, I worked directly with Pyro to create the sound the track has now. I think that the lyrics could be considered dark and I didn't want this to feel like a sad song, so we made sure to give the track some movement so it wasn't as ballad-y as it sounded just played on the piano." - Brianna Brock

Overall Brianna Brock is  extremely proud of this song and the fact that it's out in the world. Because She sees herself as a perfectionist, this song almost never made it to the public. The song was recorded last summer and was almost shelved because she wouldn't release anything less than perfection.

Then, about a week before it's release, Brianna caught herself scrolling through random, unnamed voice memos in her phone and landed on the memo of when she first got the idea for the song. It was literally just her singing the melody and the words and all of a sudden, she felt the initial excitement that she had when she wrote the track.

"It was a piece that I really connected to and I wanted to put it out there in the hopes that maybe just one other person would connect to it as well. There was a lot of build up for me to release this track, but the actual release was kind of done impulsively. It's a decision that I am glad I made." - Brianna Brock
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