The Kid Gho$t - Summers Coming

Kid Ghost makes his TGF debut by dropping a 2 track EP titled "Summers Coming"

A few days ago Chicago’s own The Kid Gho$t released an amazing 2 track EP titled “Summers Coming” and I have been blasting it through my speakers the entire weekend. The first thing that caught my attention was the title of the mini project, the music is nothing short of summer time vibes, the beat selection is perfect to ride around to and just cruise on a beautiful day,

The EP features two songs, Money Making Motives 3 (prod. by PK) and Money Making Motives 3 (prod. by PK) both will blow your mind. This project is my first time actually hearing music from Gho$t, I am impressed to say the least. On track 1, Gho$t raps about how he plans to attain the riches, through his lyrics you can hear that he is willing to put in the work and pay the price to reach the ultimate million dollar goal. His hungry bleeds through on this one. One track 2, he slows it down a little, and places his focus on his family and making them all proud.

This drop is a great look for The Kid Gho$t, we at The Ghetto Flower are hoping this leads to much more release throughout the summer. We are locked in!

Check out this brand new drop from The Kid Gho$t titled “Summers Coming” via Soundcloud and if you like what you hear then be sure to like and share!

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