"Unheard" - Charles DaBeast (SINGLE)

Charles DaBeast returns with his first single of 2018 "UnHeard".


This Onyxx produced bop projects all the ambiguities that come with being unheard. In this record, Charles speaks for the voiceless and makes a hit in the process.


The 21-year-old artist is a multiplex of styles and influences. He’s learned from his peers and incorporates the best of their aesthetics into his own unique outlook into music; a visceral, raw depiction of traditional rap that leans on the authenticity of pop-punk rock to craft a nostalgic, yet contemporary vision.

Through his four-project discography, he’s drawn comparisons to Machine Gun Kelly due to his one-of-a-kind, hardcore panache that’s nearly destined for mainstream prominence and J. Cole for his heartfelt yet poised storytelling ability.       




For Charles, this album is a way to share a story with everyone. He said his goal was to be as transparent as he could, so that everyone could relate to his music. A lot of that mindset came from Charles’ musical influences. - Palak Patel

In several songs, you can hear the influence of Skizzy Mars and KYLE, but Charles DaBeast still stays consistent with his own flows. - Erin Simon

I say that because, despite shifting to this free-form technique, he maintained the subject matter he explored in his written verses. This made for an idyllic hybrid of each style, employing both the more intellectual content and the accessible style. -  Ian Lunn

Despite solid cameos like this and a wealth of lush production work across the board, it's Charles DaBeast's voice and vision that cut through clearest - Samuel Diamond

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