EMAAD continues to drop gems with his new 2 track release called "UNTIL GHOST IN THE CITY ARRIVES! [2Piece Wing]"

Just when I was thinking about peeping some new music from my Milwaukee family, here comes EMAAD dropping two new singles right before the release of his mixtape “GHOST IN THE CITY“. EMAAD is no new comer to The Ghetto Flower, back when I lived in mke, he was one of the first artists to ever be featured on the site. Today he brings a different vibe that is perfect for a hit record, these two tracks titled “Back Spasm” and “Brain Dead” are the perfect helping in preparation for his upcoming mixtape, these records put EMAAD on the path to greatness, shoutout to #CCM for holding it down in the city til this day. EMAAD had been improving at a huge pace, I am very excited to see where he takes it from here.

Stream his brand new song above and give him a follow on twitter here!

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