“VILLIANS” - Yung Fambo [prod. B.D.S.M.]

Yung Fambo drops off short bass blasting single titled “VILLIANS”.

After the release of his last two singles “Heavy Metal” and “Underwater”, (which are personally my favorites from him), Fambo is back with more heat. This song is short but makes up for it by catching your attention right out the gate and keeps you locked in. Once the song starts the bass kicks in then you hear Fambo’s raw vocals over quality banging production. Fambo’s vocals is honestly one of the most unique things I have heard out of the Chicago area because it’s so authentic to his style and different. “VILLAINS ” definitely is another Fambo song that depicts his versatile unique style that shines bright in every track he drops.

So make sure to get in tune with this single from Yung Fambo

Michael TayoComment