"Wide Awake" x Kiraly Payne

In a recent interview, Kiraly Payne exclaimed “fresh waffles from an actual waffle maker are my shit!”



Today, the Chicago rapper (who loves a quality waffle) drops his new track Wide Awake exclusively on The Ghetto Flower. The song title refers to his sleep apnea as Kiraly says he finds himself up late at night, so often, it has become a norm in his creative process. In fact, the track Wide Awake was pieced together relatively fast! Kiraly stated that he wrote the hook and first verse and had them both recorded within an hour. Maintaining the relatively fast pace of things, Kiraly pondered on the song for roughly 2 months, and decided to re-record his first verse and ease in the second--which he claims was a fairly smooth process as well.

Kiraly Payne is trying to open up his musical talents with his vocal range, there’s no telling where this Chicago rapper’s music might go.
Although, Kiraly Payne is not planning on dropping a project this year he is currently working on releasing a plethora of singles.

“I have some great music dropping this year.. I can promise that”


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