marratedr - Y MY PIECE 2 TONE***

Rapper Marratedr just dropped a 3 track EP titled "Y MY PIECE 2 TONE***". listen below



Marratedr just dropped his 3 track EP titile “Y MY PIECE 2 TONE***“ an energetic EP that is full of melodies and deep vocals. Each song on this mini project is a standout in a unique way. My favorite track is “drip or fade***“ where Marratedr switches between his multiple flows. Besides the music Marratedr is very mysterious to me, like many other artists , I find their music on twitter or soundcloud. After doing some digging I noticed that R had dropped a project earlier in the year titled “R*R*R* WORLD“ At 14 tracks long with productions from a potluck of producers I know to expect nothing short of hard hitting beats and even harder hitting lyrics.

“Y MY PIECE 2 TONE***” is available exclusively on SoundCloud, hopefully this is in preparation for a much larger project dropping this fall!

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